Multiple Sender From Email

Have a client who would like to send one newsletter out on behalf of 100+  managers with their email address in the from field. Other than a personalise header image for each manager the newsletter content woudl be the same.

Is there a way of have multiple from emails in one campaign or infact on one account I guess.



Diana Diana, 9 years ago

Hi G. It's not possible to have multiple from addresses on the same campaign, but you could send multiple campaigns each with a separate from address.

Is it possible that a subscriber might be receiving email from a manager one day and then a different manager the next? We generally recommend that you keep the from address consistent for all mailings, that way you can get your subscribers to add that address to their address book and it'll help with deliverability, image loading, etc.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
vince, 9 years ago

This is something that I can currently do with the emarketing application I use at work, which is integrated with our CRM system via various field mappings".

All it requires is 2 more custom fields:
1. Account manager name
2. Account manager email
You could then use these custom fields at the bottom of each email as part of the signature.

But CM/MM would then also need the facility to enable us to use the account manage email field as the sender email address.

Great feature for businesses that want to send really personalised email campaigns. And the account manager email is normally already whitelisted by the recieving client, so no deliverability issues.

Maybe one more feature for the wish list?

harreg, 9 years ago

Thanks for this input. Will work on  mixing your two responses together for a solution for our client.

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