Lotus Notes 8.5 CSS padding and font support

Hi. I'm having problems with rendering in one particular desktop app – Lotus Notes 8.5. All other tests are good. (Guess which app the client uses!)

According to 'The Ultimate Guide to CSS', Lotus Notes 8.5 supports CSS 'padding' and 'font-family', however all padding and font styling that I have applied to <td>s has been ignored/stripped. In fact I think it's ignoring all CSS.

Oddly, the test for Lotus Notes 8 was ok. Anybody else get this with Notes 8.5 and have you found a fix?

I can post code and Litmus test results if required.


duncehat duncehat, 2 years ago

Well, I seem to have found a fix, so posting here if it helps anyone else experiencing the same problem.

To stop Lotus Notes 8.5 ignoring your styles, make sure you haven't included '-webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased;' anywhere, either in the <head>, or inline.

I haven't tested this with other vendor prefixes but it's possible that any of them could cause the same issue, for example the popular '-webkit-text-size-adjust: foo'.

If anyone finds out more, please do add to this post. Thanks!

kairav22, 2 years ago

its been a while hearing someone use lotus. thankfully it are been solved.

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