Last Sent Date


Is it possible to tell when an email address last received an email ?

We are segmenting our list and wanted to be able to exclude sending emails if they had already received an email from any campaign from us in the past 7 days.

Is this possible in anyway ?


davidaf davidaf, 2 years ago

Hi, BigJoe90!

You can create segments based on specific campaign activity, such as was opened, was not opened, and so forth, but not based on date. For all the details there, see How do I create and use segments

You can also create it based on sign up date, so if these people that you want to send to have been newly added to the list, you can segment them that way.

The final, brute force way, is to export the subscriber lists for each of the campaigns sent over the last seven days, open them in excel and create a column that you  populate with data. e.g. "Received campaign" | "Yes"

Then you can reimport the data back into your list and map "Received campaign" as a new custom field and create your segment based on that data. :)

I hope one of those will work out for you!

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