Inker, a new open source tool for building cleaner emails

hey guys,

I just open sourced a project that I really think can interest you guys.
It’s a tool to have a more modern email template development workflow & helps you handle transactional delivery.

You can see it here:

In short it’s 2 things:

1. Templating engine & SASS css responsive framework to build emails, with components already tested on email clients (outlook,hotmail,gmail).

2. Nodejs app for sending one to one email (forgot passwords, receipts, account creation). Why not just call sendgrid api? Your have a small app you should do that, you’re bigger, when sendgrid is down you stop sending emails, with inker it failover automatically to another provider

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 2 years ago

Hi there, something of interest - I'm pleased to announce that Campaign Monitor has launched a transactional email service, so you can now take control of one-off, system-generated emails, use our email builder and view reports, all within your existing Campaign Monitor account.

If you are on one of our monthly plans, the fantastic news is that transactional emails come bundled in - so you can start sending, without spending an extra cent.

To start learning how you can use transactional and get inspiration for your own triggered email messaging, check out our new guide and our new API docs on transactional email. Thank you so much!

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