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I am new to this and looking for some help I have imported my HTML and Images pulled from Photoshop into campaign monitor which works perfectly well when tested in outlook however in say Gmail and Hotmail the slices do not line up correctly.

Is this something anyone can help me with I am not the best with coding but am on a small budget so any help will be greatly appreciated.



StephenJ StephenJ, 2 years ago

Hi Jack,

Sorry to hear you're having difficulty getting your campaign to look correct in those email clients. Coding for email can be a tricky business, as there's no email standard at present, and so all email clients have their own quirks and limitations.

If you're seeing gaps between your images in some email clients, then you may want to try adding display: block to your image's style tag, such as the example below, for instance:

<img src="image.jpg" style="display: block;" />

This can sometimes help remove unwanted spacing between campaign images.

If you have a stylesheet in your campaign and are inlining your CSS, then you can just try adding the below to the CSS in your <head> section instead:

img { display: block; }

And then let Campaign Monitor inline that CSS and add it to each of your images during import.

For more on getting started with email coding, you may want to check out Campaign Monitor's guide here.

Hope that helps!

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