Return Path features

Return Path have a lot of features that seems very interesting. Do you think this is only hype (~ bullshit) ? And if not, is there a chance to have them in Campaign Monitor ?

For exemple Inbox Monitor or Inbox Insight


ericam ericam, 2 years ago

Hey, there!

Erica here, from the support team. Thanks for getting in touch! :)

We did actually used to have Return Path integrated into Campaign Monitor for design and spam testing. You can read about the way we used them here:

However, in the end, we decided to only use Litmus - which is currently still integrated into our application. See here:

However, the Inbox Monitor you're asking about is not something we are likely to integrate. I'm not sure whether you read into it this much yet or not, but the metrics they give you are not from your actual list or campaigns. They use a seed list and test your reputation before sending the campaign and *those* are the numbers you see. Even ISPs say this is not an accurate metric.

It *can* tell you if you have a major problem, but you'd likely already know this from low open and click rates or large numbers of bounces. Keeping an eye on your actual campaign reporting, authentication, and following best practices are the best (if not only) way to ensure the best possible deliverability.

Is this what you mean? Or do you have something else in mind for integrating Return Path into Campaign Monitor?

// Erica M | Support Admin

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talvins, 2 years ago


Thanks for your answer.

My question was mainly to know if you give trust to their tools. Personally, I don't because I can't understand of it's possible to collect such informations.

If it's not accurate, I don't need it :)

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