Problem about Table Render

Hello everyone!
I using the template builder > Basic Newsletter, which has two columns...left and right or main.  I'm trying to get the two to line up so the top text entries line up horizontally.  If I change the code it will render correctly with some email applications like gmail, apple mail but renders totally different in different versions of outlook.  I haven't modified the two sections below...

Any clues for me for this small adjustment to work?

<tbody><tr><td class="w140" height="15" width="140"></td></tr> - Left Col
<tbody><tr><td class="w470" height="15" width="470"></td></tr> - Right Col or main body section.Thanks in advance

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ericam ericam, 1 year ago

Heyo! Erica here from the support team - happy to help!

I definitely hear you on the uneven clumns, for sure. Being a bit of a perfectionist, it makes my skin crawl!

So, it pains me tell you that while we have made every effort to ensure these templates render as close as possible to the web preview in-app, this column unevenness issue is simply outside our control at the moment.

This happens because of the way various email clients (especially Outlook) render text and obey padding, margin and CSS, etc... not to mention the different viewport sizes in different email clients.

So, as you're seeing, there will be small differences which make your columns uneven in certain email clients, sadly. I've done heaps of research on this in attempt to make my responsive columns line up perfectly across all email clients, but because of how each client handles the columns so differently, there's no perfect solution at this time (though I'm not giving up hope!).

I'm so sorry that I don't have a better solution for you at this time. Do let us know if you work out a solution, as we're on the hunt ourselves!

Have a good one and don't hesitate to raise any questions that come up! :)

// Erica M | Support Admin

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