Feature Request - Wildcards in Segments

It would make segments a lot easier to use if there was wildcard support. I just had to send a campaign out based on partial postcodes (UK). I couldn't use the geolocation feature since we load a new list in every time it's updated, and I'm not sure it would have been accurate enough for my purposes anyway.

I ended up having to add dozens of "or" statements, along the lines of "where postcode starts with BD", and (worse), "where postcode starts with L1", "where postcode starts with L2" etc. It would have made it a lot easier if I could have used "L[1-9]" or similar.

A package that integrated with CM to do UK postcode matching would be even better, of course, but wildcards would have made the lack of one (unless I've missed something) less painful.

davidaf davidaf, 2 years ago

Hey Steve,

In a text field, you can use a "contains" condition, which might be the closest you can get at this point, since we don't support a regular expression type search.  See the full list of conditions based on field type.

Unfortunately there aren't any integrations that we can find that have UK postcode matching. Sorry I couldn't come back to you with better news on this one, Steve!

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SteveH, 2 years ago

Thanks for the reply. That's what I did though, and it was very laborious. For example, if I want to send to everyone with a Glasgow postcode (which starts with the letter "G" and then a digit from 1 to 9), then I can't just use 'starts with "G"' because that will have unintended matches (e.g. Guildford is "GU").

So I end up doing 'starts with "G1" OR starts with "G2" OR starts with "G3" ... "G9".

Do you see the problem? Some sort of regex feature would improve the usability here easily. I realise this isn't a trivial thing to implement, but it would have very wide implementation possibilities and greatly improve the segmenting functionality.

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