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Not sure how other people cope, but I'm finding it so very, very hard to create a decent email template for a client.

I'm trying my best to follow all sorts of design standards, but every time I fix one thing another one breaks. I've found some boilerplate templates online, but as soon as I change anything, something breaks in one or more email clients.

Surely it can't be this difficult ??
Surely other people must be having the same issues ??

Is there a great piece of email creating software that we can use to change a template without breaking it - dedicated to email template creation ?

Or are there any great boilerplate templates out there, that actually work (many claim to do so but never end up doing so) that has lots of layout components within that us designers can use.

BTW: I'm a website designer with over 16 years knowledge - but for the life of me I am finding creating a fairly simple email template, that works in all of the email clients, ridiculously complicated.

paulw paulw, 2 years ago

Hey there!

You're right, designing email campaigns is a real headache! There are so many different email programs available that it can become a minefield when creating your own custom designs, we have a great guide on coding HTML emails which could help out.

Our email builder also makes it easy to create great looking emails, without any coding at all. Those templates are designed to look good across a wide variety of email programs, including mobile devices. Have you been able to give that a test run?

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