HTML Fieldset/Legend Similar Styling In an Email

First post, looking for some help on something not found via search.   Designer had an idea to wrap a border around some table elements with a title centered in the middle of the border at the top of the table.

It looks exactly like a centered <legend> element that would be used with a <fieldset> element in a web browser.  Searching finds no one referencing the use of the fieldset element, probably as it is not cross-client compatible.

However, is there someway to do that type of styling?  My thought so far was the judicious use of images at the top with borders for the sides and bottom to mimic what web browsers do automatically.



Stig Stig, 2 years ago

Hey David,

That does sound like something that can be done without images. Do you have an example of the exact design you're looking to achieve?

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