Trigger campaign generation and launch from external system using API

Hello all,

We try to integrate Campaign monitor to our SOA platform in order to provide a convenient Email channel to some internal applications we have.
In this process the only pre-existing things will be the client and his templates. Templates will be already designed and residing inside Campaign monitor. Everything else (subscribers and their personilisation info) will be dictated at run-time.

So the campaign generation and launch process goes like this:

a) Create a new Subscribers List using the existing Client Id
b) Add all needed custom fields (would be ideal if this could be done in step a)
c) Import the subscribers and their custom fields
d) Create a draft Campaign using the client Id, the produced ListId (step a), and the chosen templateId. The template should correspond to the custom fields of the subscribers
e)Send the Campaign

Does this seem right and optimal for you ?

Ideally we would like to have a preconfigured Subscribers List for each Template (so we skip the custom field set up) .
But in each campaign launch the recipients and their personalized info comes from the external system. So in order to use a preconfigured List we would need to delete all subscribers from it and add the new ones but i think this is not supported. Correct ?

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