Anti-spam techniques and emailings

Today I sent an email to a person I play volley ball with on friday lunch time. Immediatly after I sent the mail,I receveid an automated answer saying that I should click on a link in order to confirm that I was a real human being and not a robot.

I am afraid this kind of anti spam technique is a deliverability problem when we send an emailing. What will happen if a campaign send through Campaign monitor is sent to recipients including the person I play volley ball with ? Will we get a message to the REPLY-TO address as if we were sending a simple email ?

balthazar balthazar, 1 year ago

Hello there! Great question. In the instances I've seen with those services the emails are indeed sent to the reply-to address for the campaign. For example, when we at Campaign Monitor send out our emails we see a number of those anti-spam replies come through to our inbox. There's really no way around it other than clicking the link in the message to confirm that you are a real person.

I hope that helps!

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