Set the ReplyTo via Transactional API

Hello everyone,

I'm using the .Net wrapper campaignmonitor-api v4.2.0 to send transactional emails.
Everything is working great except that I can't set the reply-to address.

My code looks like this:

// Authenticate with your API key
var transactional = Authenticate.ByClientApiKey("APIKEY");
// Create a new message builder
var builder = transactional.MessageBuilder()
    .ReplyTo(new EmailAddress("FromEmail", "FromName"))
    .Data(new Dictionary<string, object>
        {"sender", "sender"},
        {"custom_message", model.CustomMessage }

// Send the message and save the response
var response = builder.Send("smartEmailId");

Setting the ReplyTo address seems to have no effect. It still uses whatever is set on the Transactional email settings in the admin portal.

Am I doing something wrong or is there some sort of limitation in the API?
There's nothing about the reply to address in the transactional API docs, so I'm wondering if it's not supported?


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