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Hello guys,
Thank you so much for the help.

In the last years I used a API platform of a Company similar to Campaign monitor, but i had some problems because the e-mail business were read as SPAM by many e-mail providers.

So I am asking the best solution for e-mail newsletters to not have my e-mail address domains considered as SPAM (i changed the domain some days ago and form then I have never used the newsletters). What type of solution is best?

We send as company about 10.000 e-mails for a month (sometimes 12.000, sometimes 5.000) and we have a mailing list of about 4.000 e-mails.

Domain address:
Type of business: Art Gallery
E-mail to use for mailing list:
Reply to:

Thank you

paulw paulw, 1 year ago

Hey there!

Thank you for posting in the forums, we can definitely help out with some advice on getting through to the inbox! The best place to start is to work through our deliverability guide. This has some great tips on how to get round issues with getting through to the inbox.

With regard to changing your domain name, it's best to be cautious here. We'd recommend waiting at least 30 days from setting up your domain before sending emails using that new address. New domains could be seen as a higher risk by ISPs and this could cause problems. It's also a great idea to let your subscribers know that you will be sending emails from a new email address. They may have already added you to their safe senders list, so letting them know in advance can help ensure emails sent from your new domain get through okay. You can read more about ways to deal with this in our blog.

Thanks again!

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