Recent survey on pricing implies price hike


Let me start by saying campaign monitor is hands don my favourite e marketing system out there, I've used a lot; from mailchimp to dotmailer, vertical response to sendgrid.

As a balance of ease-of-use, functionality and customer service its, in my opinion, the best.

I've just done a survey sent by you guys effectively sounding us out for a price rise - I just want to drop my hat in the ring and say that Campaign Monitor is already up there with the most expensive platforms, and needs to look at how to bring the price-per-email down not up.

I supply email for a lot of clients, I'm finding it increasingly hard to convince them to use CM, particularly when Mailchimp are so much more competitive, and have upped their game so much recently. For most of my clients there are 2 criteria... which does what i need it to do, and which is cheapest?

Every single one of my clients would be on CM if it was my choice. As it is its only about 20 - 30%, because most have already chosen mailchimp, and won't be persuaded to a more expensive option.

Just thought id share...

renniksn, 2 years ago

Hey there. Thank you so much for being a Campaign Monitor customer and for taking the time to give us your feedback. We really value your insights here, and want to do everything that we can to keep you and your clients happy. This gives us great perspective into the agency point of view, and we will definitely keep this in mind.

Nate Skinner
Chief Customer Officer, Campaign Monitor
PDD2010, 1 year ago

With respect, this appears to be the same comment you provide to most answers on this subject! ;-)

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