Printing styled headlines

I am out looking for advice on building a html email. I am well aware that I should use tables for layout, and inline styles to make it pretty. I am also aware that using stylesheets in the head part of the document will be stripped by many mail clients.

This is why I ask the following question - How do I handle background images and styled headers for print?

I need to have a headline that is styled to have a color background, and white text. Can I somehow make it so that if the email is printed, the headline will display as gray text on white background?

Normally I would use a stylesheet for print, but since this is not so easy when dealing with emails, is there any other way? Or is the solution to include a print stylehsheet, and then only have it print the way I want in the cases where the stylesheet is supported?

Any other things I should know or think about when designing an email with printing in mind?

Generator, 9 years ago

I can't help you directly but I would be interested to know why the printed version needs to be different.

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