Spreadsheet statistics to dynamic content for 300 spartans?

Hello my name is Max,

I have an Excel spreadsheet with 300 names, 300 email addresses and 300 statistics.

I would like to send each of the 300 people a tailored email where it shows their own name. This I have managed.


I would like to tell them a statistic about themselves per each email. So for example within the body text of the email it will say "20% of your guests scored you a 3/10" and change per person within the 300.

Is there a way I can import the statistics from the spreadsheet to match the appropriate person rather than type out the statistics 300 times and use the dynamic content feature matching that specific layout element to each email?

All help on this will be greatly appreciated,

Have a nice day,


max, 2 years ago

I discovered that when you import the spreadsheet you can in fact label the statistics as a custom field / text field, give it a name and can then call upon it using the quick link tag feature.

Hope someone finds this and it helps them out.

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