How do I copy a template from one client to another

I built a really great template using the template builder, and I'd like to COPY that template to another "client" within campaign monitor.  How do I do that?

breetelg breetelg, 1 year ago

Hey @thisisdrew,

Thanks for the great question! Currently there's not a way to copy a template created with our builder from one client to another, the template would need to be recreated in the other other client's account. This is an excellent feature request though, and I've added a vote on your behalf. Thanks for bringing it up! Please feel free to contact us at with any further questions or comments.

Disha Disha, 1 year ago

Hello @thisisdrew,

Just wanted to share some good news. The ability to copy templates across clients went live for account administrators recently. Check out this help article:

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