Asking customers to sign up for your newsletter

Hi everyone!

I am at the stage of building my client list for the company newsletter and I need some tips on how to ask (send an email) customers to sign up for our newsletter, without being too pushy.
Any ideas? I am aware of the fact that 60% of clients join newsletter campaign because of the discounts, free upgrades, promotions,etc. Unfortunately our company does not offer any of the kind at the moment so I am kind of having troubles with enticing our clients.

Ant suggestions greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!


davidaf davidaf, 2 years ago

Hi Jenena!

That's a great question! One effective way is to offer discounts at purchase or discount on next visit or service when they sign up to the email list. Also, giving your subscribers early access and exclusive promotions can entice people to sign up and keep opening those emails! There's more info about these techniques and more in this blog post.

Additionally, we have a lot of wonderful blog posts on a broad range of subjects  for email marketing in general.

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