Autoresponders as a feature

Is it possible that an Autoresponder feature may be looked at in the future to included as a part of MailBuild or Campaign Monitor or both?

I have a client where this is an important feature to them and because of  this will most likely be going to use ( rather than our service.

I believe that some sort of sequenced automated messaging would be a great feature. For example when a subscriber signs up they get a predefined sequence of emails sent at a set interval.

Diana Diana, 9 years ago


Auto responders are certainly something that we get a lot of requests for and I've added you a vote in favor of them. We'll certainly consider it but we can't make any promises.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
jeffiel, 8 years ago


I'd like this feature as well.  Many of the "lesser" companies offer this feature... I'd love if CM did as well.

stinhambo stinhambo, 8 years ago

Yes this would be invaluable!

Setup a run of autoresponder emails and allow people to subscribe at any time. Being able to track links throughout the series would be cool too.

AlexDunae AlexDunae, 8 years ago

Maybe this would be more feasible with a slightly higher per recip charge instead of the $5 base fee.

kenwen, 8 years ago

resurrecting an old thread here but autoresponders would make CM the perfect ESP for me.

rebrandable and 100% perfect for automating marketing

TMRich, 8 years ago

8 months ago Diana (staffer) gave a vague answer and still no news.  Can you tell us what's in the decision matrix over there at CM?  "No decision" is a decision against autoresponder.  We're your customers -- tell us what's up!

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago


It's still exactly as Diana mentioned - we are recording requests but it's not something we are promising to add at any point. We don't release a feature schedule or anything like that at Campaign Monitor, because we like to remain flexible.

We appreciate that lots of people would like to see Campaign Monitor with autoresponder features (as there are lots of people with many other feature requests), and we are always interested in hearing feedback.

That doesn't mean we'll always add those features though. If autoresponders are something you need right now, then Campaign Monitor is not your best choice, a service like Aweber would be the way to go.

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codyf, 8 years ago

Here's another nudge. It really would make CM unstoppable.

ChrisInCincinnati ChrisInCincinnati, 8 years ago

another vote for this please.

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jesperfrier jesperfrier, 8 years ago

One vote from me too.
Not having autoresponders is the only reason why we still use SalesForce.

nalts, 8 years ago

I agree, having an auto-responder is a must. Nearly every client I have NEEDS an auto responder. I would bring over a lot more business to CM if this feature were added.

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Thanks for the explanation guys, much appreciated. Your votes have been added for autoresponder functionality internally.

productorials, 8 years ago

Bump! We had to switch to to manage our autoresponders. They are absolutely critical in any SaaS scenario where managing communication to new subcribers manually via campaigns is just not feasible. We miss  campaignmonitor since it's so superior to in every way but we just need autoresponders.
I suspect that one of the reasons it hasn't been a priority is because AR breaks the model of the one-to-many concept and the $5 per campaign charge. Perhaps a monthly charge per autoresponder could make this feasable. For example, we need 5 autoresponders - at $5 a month we'd pay $25 just for the feature plus a per recipient fee.
Thoughts or updates?, 8 years ago


We have been using CM for close to a year now, but due to the auto responder issue, most of our clients opt for a different service provider. I recon it would make a lot of business sense for CM to find a way to integrate it within the current model (as mentioned above).
Everything else is awesome!

Stig Stig, 8 years ago

Thanks again for the feedback. Keep voting, and we'll keep counting :)

productorials, you're right that pricing is one of the things we'd have to figure out. Any thoughts on this are welcome.


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ChrisInCincinnati ChrisInCincinnati, 8 years ago

I can't think of anyway to make it work with the current system, you'd pretty much have to offer a monthly fee option (which I would LOVE).

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vince, 8 years ago

Why an extra charge?
CM is already more expensive than competing products, and you are now agreeing to make that worse?
As a higher priced product, you'd expect to get a better feature set included.
Or am I living in a different World?

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Hey Vince,

I guess that all depends on how you define 'better feature set' - we provide a service for web designers that our customers generally find a lot better than their other options, and many people are willing to pay more for that.

On the other hand, we get a lot of feedback that our pricing is the cheapest people could find! So clearly there is a lot of variation in sending patterns, requirements and expectations.

As Stig said, we're always listening.

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cybin, 8 years ago

I hope you listen carefully :-)

You (and we) are charging per email (yes, I know, also per campaign) but in my simple world more emails means more revenue for you and for us.

Seriously speaking, it is important to focus on WHY we ask for this feature. We, and our customers, are doing email marketing. A lot of the marketing must be "automated" to be able to set up a good service for the customers. Autoresponders and other trigger-based campaigning tools are highly important to add value to our customer offering.

We want our customers to be successful at what they do, they must again be better at marketing than their peers, and we must provide the tools.

I accept the pricing-issue, but if there is one thing I am missing, it is autoresponders.

FLPirate, 8 years ago

I recently re-discovered CM about two weeks ago. I just did a site search for autoresponder...and well here I am with my vote..err...I mean feature request. Great product, pricing and private label option. I appreciate what you have done and offer. Cheers, Tom

Chr1s, 8 years ago

Hi Stig and Mathew, wouldn't it be reasonable to consider an autoresponder mailing the same as a campaign as far as pricing is concerned? So: same base cost and cost per sent email.

It would add up to the same, wouldn't it:

> Regular campaign (let's say 1000 emails):
   base cost 500 credits + 1000 credits

> Autoresponder, same amount over time:
   base cost 500 credits +1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1... and so on credits

Don't think CM would loose much sales that way. And even so: wouldn't that be made up for by gaining or keeping customers who'd otherwise not come on board or would leave?

Just a thought. And I can't imagine you guys couldn't develop the necessary technology ;-) so I don't think that's the issue here, is it?

Still not over OL2007
ketanmv, 8 years ago

Please add me as a vote for triggered campaigns / auto-responders. I think this would be highly valuable in a number of scenarios.

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago


we've added your votes to our list.

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smueller, 8 years ago

Add another vote in favor of this feature.  We've begun to dump a lot of money and build a lot of our company plans around CM but are seriously considering moving to another solution/service and sacrifice the 'white-label' advantages that CM offers in favor of a non-white label solution/service that offers autoresponders/drip marketing capabilities.  It has been a consistent request of just about all of our clients regardless of size or industry.  This one is a no brainer.

Also, I'm not quite sure I understand what the 'issue' is regarding pricing?  If anything, I think it would provide CM and CM resellers with the ability to predict future sales/revenues which I assume would be helpful in itself.  Maybe charge a couple more dollars per campaign for the autoresponders that the reseller could choose to eat the cost of or pass on to their clients.  What am I missing as far as the pricing 'issue' goes?

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