Edit Template but Workflow emails do not change

I have created a test workflow with 3 messages. I have my own template, which I have uploaded and saved as a template. Each workflow message uses this template.

I made some changes to the template, re-uploaded. But now the 3 messages do not show any changes when I check them in preview. I can't do a test send yet as I am not a subscriber. However, this is an essential feature. I would want to be able to change a template for a 50-100 message workflow without having to edit each message.

Can you help me out? Thanks!

ddarby14 ddarby14, 1 year ago

Same problem here, please advise.

Worse yet, when I update my core template file, logo, tagline, social links, etc - saving changes work, but as SOON as I open an existing campaign/draft based on that template, the entire template reverts to old settings.

My expectation is simple, updating a template should change all campaigns based upon that template.

Is it not working like that.

Thanks for your prompt attention.

dszeto12, 1 year ago

I had the same issue. You need to "edit" each email and allow them to re-save for the template change to take effect. It's super annoying because you have to go in to each and every email but it will work afterwards.

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