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Hi everyone,

I manage communications at a company and we're looking to use Campaign Monitor, but I had a question about images in templates.

At the company, our staff don't have internet access - which means, any images we use in emails via Campaign Monitor would show up blank when they arrive at their inboxes. This is because they'd be pulled from an external (ie, outside the company, on the internet) source to which their access is blocked.

So what I'd be looking to do is create templates that allow us to specify the URL of the image we wanted to use - for example, http://intranet.ourcompany/image.jpg - inside the template for each email.

I hope this is making sense. Say our template used a header image of 600 x 300px... I would upload the image to our intranet and use the full intranet image path in the code of the Campaign Monitor template. This would mean (I think) the image would appear normally to our employees, because it's directed to the intranet rather than the internet.

Is this something you think would be possible? Does it sound like a major hassle? I'm not hugely experienced in this but I'm imagining a template with an editable area (header, for example) where I could go in and add the image URL each time.

Any ideas? Thanks a lot in advance.

tc-uk, 2 years ago


Just popped in to the forums to ask a question myself and thought I'd 'give' as well as 'take'.

This seems possible for 'fixed' (non editable) images.  You'd have to state the url of the image within the template and most probably also include "cm_dontimportimage".

I've just tested this in a template, uploaded to CM and sent a test to a closed LAN. Success.

But as for 'editable' images - I'm not sure.  The image would have to be 'uploaded' from within the LAN - CM editor wont allow insertion of a url instead of an image file.

More info. here:

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