Initial queries to API functionality re. 'updating' List recipients

Before I start, I wanted to run the following past some experienced API devs, to query whether in fact the following can be done via API:

I need to update the recipients contained within an existing list.  This list is 25k+ and contains many custom fields and segments.

The recipients in this list need to match with a CRM export (no current API plugin for this CRM).  Recipients can remove themselves from the list CRM side - and when they do, these recipients will NOT appear in the latest CRM export.  So this makes the task of 'syncing' the recipients a little more complex than the usual deletes / unsubscribes as those will be done CM (Not CRM) side.

So the current process to keep the CM list 'syncing' with the CRM list is as follows:

- Export entire CM list
- Use 'Remove subscribers' to delete - pasting the above exported list (this takes forever with frequent browser time outs)
- Use 'Add subscribers' and upload the most recent CRM export

This is done weekly and is arduous.  So my question is, can the same be achieved (and automated via cron) with the PHP API?

I very much appreciate your input.

Many thanks,

Mercer, 1 year ago

Hi there tc-uk!

Thanks for the great question. I could totally understand why you would want to automate that stuff away! It makes a ton of sense. Unfortunately, because there isn't a way to automate the import of your list from your CRM, I don't think that there is a way to set up an automatic event to do this for you.

That being said, you can do all of those with the API, so you could certainly automate away everything *except* for the upload of the deleted contacts from your CRM. So, you could certainly automate those parts of it using the PHP API—all functions of the regular API are also available in each of our wrappers.


BlankMan, 1 year ago

I think it depends on the CRM system you are using.

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