edit code after inlining? prevent inlining on certain styles?


i've got a situation where I'm trying to get a responive email build to work for mobile & desktop, but of course eg some mobile clients don't support embedded styles & media queries

so I have a style on a 2 column table layout where the tables are

<table class="col2" width="48%">

in order to stack on android i set to

table.col2 {width:100%}

in my <style> tag. (then in media queries i set the width for whatever clients support media queries)

the problem is when i run the inliner this css 100% then overrides the 48% on the table html. ie

<table width="48%" style="width:100%">

I do need to inline some code, just not this particular class.

I'm wondering if there's any directive or trick that can be used to prevent the inliner processing certain styles. Also I can't leave it out and then add it to the the inlined code in Campaign Monitor later, as when i go to edit my code, it shows me the pre-inlined code.

I could use a separate inliner tool, I was just wondering if there was a way to do it through CM.


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