New to Campaign Monitor: need templates designed

Hi everyone,

We're moving from another email provider to Campaign Monitor and, in the process, want to take this opportunity to design brand new templates.

We have a couple of intriguing challenges, though - which is what I need a designer/developer to get to grips with as part of the new designs.

Our employees are unable to access the internet from work - therefore, any image we send as part of our templates need to be hosted on our intranet, as that's what they have access to and would display normally.

So, this means: some elements of the designs could be 'hard coded' - ie, they wouldn't change - like our logo at the top. But the rest of the design needs to have 'editable' areas where we'd have to go into the code and paste the full URL to our intranet image.

I'm hoping this makes sense. In essence, for almost every image we'd include in an email, we'd have to first upload it to our intranet and then paste the full path ( into the code of our template in order for it to work when it reaches our employees.

Who can help? I'm looking for a handful of new designs which can allow us to be flexible with the look & feel of what we send, but still accomodate the issue described above.

Let me know - want to sort something ASAP. Thank you!

drew-h, 1 year ago


goatlady goatlady, 1 year ago

Hi Drew,

Have you checked with Campaign Monitor support if this is something that can be done, from a technical standpoint (the intranet hosted images)? It seems problematic to me.

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