C# integration raises an exception


I have a C# WinForms application in VS2015 CE that I am trying to use the .NET library with. When it gets to the ExchangeToken bit, it raises an exception of type createsend_dotnet.CreateSendException with the following additional information:

The CreateSend OAuth receiver responded with the following error - invalid_request: Required parameters were not supplied

Now, the thing is this: I took the sample out of the MVC example available on GitHub, so chances are the integration does not support desktop apps.

This is my current code:

// Make the authorize call. This could be encapsulated in a "Connect" method.
            AuthorizeURL = General.AuthorizeUrl(ClientID, ClientRedirect, PermissionsText);
            AuthToken = GetParamValueFromUrl(AuthorizeURL,"code");
            var tokenDetails = General.ExchangeToken(ClientID, ClientSecret, ClientRedirect, AuthToken);
            AccessToken = tokenDetails.access_token;
            RefreshToken = tokenDetails.refresh_token;
            // Now that we have an authorization token, we must also get the full auth/refresh
            // tokens. This, too, can be "hidden" inside the connect method so that we
            // avoid having too much code on hand.
            authDetails = new OAuthAuthenticationDetails(AccessToken, RefreshToken);
            // Then we initialise the general API.
            GeneralAPI = new General(authDetails);

Can you see anything blatantly wrong?



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