[name] vs. [fullname], vs. [firstname] and [lastname]

I've been all over the help files and can't find an answer to this.

What is the difference between [name] and [fullname]? [fullname] appears in the documentation on personalizing campaigns. Is the API different?

The "Custom Fields for Subscriber List" (under Manage Subscriber List > Custom Fields) only lists [fullname], and then in a somewhat confusing context as part of a set of tags (right?) for the "Name" field:


Does that mean CM only stores one name field ([fullname])? If so, how does it deduce [firstname] and [lastname]?

Specifically, can I send [firstname] and [lastname] to the API from my form? I'm bringing an existing campaign into CM where we've been collecting first and last names (as well as emails). We have to be able to output these for reports later--for example, to list subscribers alphabetically by last name, even if that means using custom fields.

If [firstname] and [lastname] are logical reductions of [fullname] and I want to give folks the option to list a display name like, "Rev. Dr. John Doe, Professor, Some University," I presume I'll need to use a custom field like  [displayname], right? And how in the world will it parse "Rev. Dr. John Doe, Ph.D., Professor, Philosophy, Some University, Somewhere?"

Many thanks in advance!

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

The default 'name' field on our ubscribe forms is a single field. From that field, you can use the custom field tags

[firstname] - the first word in that field
[lastname] - the last word in that field
[fullname] - the full value of that field

It's just a basic format that works for a lot of names but obviously not for all of them. If you want to have separate first and last names, you just need  to use custom fields, as you suspect.

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quena, 9 years ago

Thanks! Wish this was spelled out in the docs somewhere, but thanks for clarifying here.

webmanwalking, 8 years ago

I have been trying to find/work this out as well.  Would be good if this was in the documentation.  I have a CSV list of forename surname so in the CM model, this will work fine, however if I had a free format name, e.g. Dr John Doe, sending out an email:


Hello Dr.

How are you...........


Would look rubbish!  This needs to be clearer.


Ed Henderson
Web Man Walking

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