Querying the API for a single subscriber's info

Anybody using the API to serve up a customized preferences center, so subscribers can adjust their subscriptions on your site? (E.g. change their email address, sign up or drop individual subscription lists, change their name, etc.)

If so, how are you querying the API to pull in the user's existing settings into your form? Can I do the same thing you are using PHP? It seems like the Subscribers.GetSingleSubscriber method is the way to do it, but I don't know how to generate the SOAP, HTTP GET or HTTP POST request without a form where they enter and submit their email address.

I want to create a page, like http://domain.com/edit.php?profile=email@example.com, on which subscribers could modify their subscriptions, change the spelling of their name, etc. The page would have fields with default values provided the API, so that (for example) the check-box for "Newsletter" would be checked if, in fact, email@example.com is subscribed to the newsletter.

Many thanks in advance,

    -- Quena

drpudding, 8 years ago

Quena --

I noticed your old post and thought I would write to ask if you ever solved this issue, or have a good resource to point me at.

I am working for a client who is using a different email service, but it does not support these type of subscription tools, which I need to implement.

I am thinking of switching her to CampaignMonitor, and am wondering if you were able to create this type of system with their API.

Thanks for any assistance.

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