Google Analytics Integration doesn't supply email in utm taqs

After reading the following article on google analytics integration, I was under the impression that the email was automatically added in the utm tags if i enable google analytics integration.  Instead, I'm getting what appears to be a recepient ID (9 digit number).

My questions are.
1.  Am I going to have to add the utm tags manually if I expect it to add [email]on the utm tags, is there anyway I can get Campaign Monitor to do this automatically?

2.  Where is that nine digit number and where can I find it on campaign monitor?

3.  When i let campaign monitor automatically add utm tags to my it intelligent enough to not screw up my urls if i already have existing querys being made?  ie.

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hi section31, unfortunately it's against the Goggle Analytics terms of service to include obviously personally identifiable information in tracking URL's. For example, a name or email address. When we launched this feature we did originally start with the email address as the ad value in the utm tags, but after this was bought to our attention we had to roll that functionality back I'm afraid.

section31, 9 years ago

Hi Dave, well that makes sense, but you can be so kind to answer my other questions. hah

#3 in particular because this shows how I could get around that.

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Sorry for the delay section31, missed that third question.

Yes, I can definitely confirm that our Google Analytics feature is smart enough to work with any kind of URL, even if it already has a complex querystring.

slaterk, 8 years ago

Hi Dave,

I'd been looking forward to using that part of your service, primarily because i send to a small number of clients (50-250) and it would be very useful to find out who's going where on the site. 

Is there any way to get back from google's 9 digit recipient tag to the email address or name? I don't quite follow the conversation you and section31 were having, but would i essentially add somewhere in the "tag each link ..." part of step 2.3 of importing the campaign, the "name" or "email" field that i imported into the subscriber list?  :) I'm kinda not understanding myself, so apologies if that's all goobledy gook! :)


Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hey Slater,

Unfortunately because of Google's terms mentioned above, you can't replace that ID with something that's personally identifiable (like name or email address) I'm afraid. This means you can't track what an individual does on your site, only cumulative stats for the entire campaign.

slaterk, 8 years ago
Dave :

Unfortunately because of Google's terms mentioned above, you can't replace that ID with something that's personally identifiable.

Hey Dave - you're working late!! :)

Thanks for that - shame, but there you go.


quena, 8 years ago


Nothing to keep you from passing other info in the tracking URL. It just can't be obviously personally identifiable information.

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