Parameters not being passed to method

Please bear with me, I am a complete SOAP newbie.  I am trying to use the  IP*Works soap client from /n software to access the CM API. The problem I am running into is that it appears that my parameters are not being passed to the web service - as I get back a huge long error message about the @ApiKey parameter not being passed in.

"Procedure or function 'API_SU_GetIsSubscribed' expects parameter '@ApiKey', which was not supplied. at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection"

The IP*Works knowledge base has an entry about this issue and they say something about a SoapRPC method needing to be set in the web service.

Am I reading it right that it means I can't use this client to access the API? Or do you have any ideas for me to use the API in a Classic ASP/COM environment?

Jason Jason, 10 years ago


Thanks for your question. Not being at all familiar with IP*Works, and only having been able to read that article, I can't say for certain that we are able/unable to work with that component.

However, we do have a Classic ASP example on out website at that should allow you to get going if you don't have any further luck with that component. If you need any further help, feel free to get in touch with support.

aognenoff, 10 years ago

If anyone else ever uses the SOAP or SOAPS object from the IP*Works collection ( to communicate with the CM API, there is a special _undocumented_ configuration option you need to set before calling any other methods: .Config "MethodNamespacePrefix="

I include it here so others don't have to go nuts like I did trying to figure this thing out. All works like a charm now. :)

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