Subscriber welcome message: HTML, plain text, or both?

If I choose to welcome new subscribers with an HTML email, will they get a two-part MIME message with the option to view it in plain text?

if so, will I be able to see opens and other HTML-trackable info, as I do with campaigns? Using a plain text welcome message, I think I can only see bounces.

Also, if it's a two-part, can I tweak the plain text (as I can with campaigns?

Thanks in advance!

    -- Quena

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hi Quena,

Yes, you can definitely add your own text alternative when using our HTML welcome emails, you can tweak the text version just like sending a regular campaign. having said that, we don't track opens, clicks etc for these kinds of messages.

quena, 9 years ago

Thanks! It sure would be nice to be able to track opens and clicks, maybe in a default "Welcome" campaign for any list.

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