Hiding a form field

This is a follow-up to my previous post -

So, I wanted to know whether my subscribers self-subscribed through my website, or if they were manually added. So I added a multiple choice field in my form on the site that is only have one choice: "website subscribe"

The html is as follows:

<select name="cm-fo-172426"> (this particular field)
<option value="46325"> (I have only the "website subscribe" option here)

I have tested this and it is working - submissions come up with the correct data.

Now I need to hide this field! Obviously I can't put <!-- --> tags around it or it voids what is inside. What is the easiest way to hide a field? Should I float a white square on top of it? Is there an easy way around this??

I have background in CSS and HTML - it just seem after googling for tricks there has to something easier than what I've come up with...

Diana Diana, 9 years ago

Edeath, you could put a class on it  or a div around it and then just have display:none in the CSS for it.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
aognenoff, 9 years ago

Just make the field a hidden form field to begin with.

This should do it for you:

<input name="cm-fo-172426" type="hidden" value="46325" />

And I would change that from a multi-choice field to just a plain old text field - since you really aren't using it as a multi-choice field. Either way, the HTML is the same.

Diana Diana, 9 years ago

that works too :)

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
aognenoff, 9 years ago

I like simple solutions. ;)

Edeath, 9 years ago

You all are the best! I know there was some incredibly obvious simple solution.

So I have

<input type="hidden" name="cm-f-172426" id="Source" value="self-subscribe" />

-the value field being the information submitted back to me - checked it out and it works. Thank you!!!

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