Staff Unable to Receive Emails

Hold on tight this is a long one...

We use CM to send emails to our clients, prospects and staff.

Our clients, prospects and staff are all contained on the same (single opt-in) mailing list.

This has all worked perfectly for our first few campaigns.

However when preparing our most recent campaign I realised that I could no longer receive any test messages.

I read in the help section this was likely due to CM's IP addresses not being whitelisted with our internal severs.

This problem is specific to emails which are being sent internally to our staff - the emails sent externally work fine.

So I extracted all our external subscribers from the list, created a new list, sent it out and that worked perfect.

I now just needed to sort out the problem with the emails which still had to be sent internally to our staff.

Our IT dept suggested the most simple solution was to whitelist the from email address and so they did that.

I tested it out, was again able to receive my test messages and so I sent out the campaign to our staff.

They didnt receive it... this was about a week ago and they still havent received it but no bounces or anything.

Actually one person did receive it, from our Singapore office, but they use a different email address to everyone else.

The things I changed since the previously successful campaigns are;

   1. I authenticated the domain

   2. I added google analytics

I even tried removing these bits and sending it all again but still the problem persists.

IT assure me that none of the emails have yet entered our network so it cannot be a problem our side.

Does anyone have any ideas what the problem might be and how I might be able to sort it out?



sariss sariss, 9 years ago

Hey Martin, do you use Optus/Optusnet as an ISP? Apparently the MB server's having dramas with them at the moment....unsure if it's related or been sorted out yet though?

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the detailed explanation. I can confirm we are definitely sending out the emails - if they are definitely not hitting your servers, you would need to look further up the chain, at your ISP for example. From our end it is tough to tell, since if they don't bounce back we don't have any more information about where they have gone.

Can you get test messages to other internal addresses than your own? And are you using the same 'from' address each time you test?

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Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Also, just to follow up regarding Optus, they have sorted it out from their end so that emails are going through fine to all Optus addresses.

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check this out, 9 years ago

Thanks both... turns out, in the end, that the problem was on our side and it apparently had something to do with cmail (?) addresses being blacklisted.

This has since been all sorted out by our IT folk and everything is now working fine... thanks again.

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