Multiple repeating images in MailBuild

I see you are revamping Mailbuild and it looks like the new features are going to be great. I am wondering if the ability to upload more than one image per repeating article will be available.

If not, I am looking for a way to allow the client to upload 5 or 6 six images in a sort of mini gallery section of the email. Any ideas? Can I have repeating items that are just images with no title or text to accompany them - not an ideal solution, but I guess it is workable.

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hey Dan, I can confirm that the new editor will allow you to have repeaters containing images only, so you can easily create a gallery section in your email template.

Dan B., 9 years ago

Excellent. Looking forward to the new editor!

ArtStiefel, 9 years ago

Hello... What is the intended timing for the intro of the tricked out MailBuilder? This is something that our clients have been asking for and referring us to another option but we are great supporters and fans of Campaign Monitor and MailBuilder and want to hold of on being pushed elsewhere...



Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hey Art,

We'll be releasing the new editor (and support for multiple repeaters) on monday Sydney time. We'll post an announcement on the blog as soon as we launch.

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