help with decision - will our action be breaching privacy and ethical


I currently manage a website with its own set of subscribers. Recently, we (the organisation I work for) has developed a new site with different services in partnership with another organisation.

I have a request from the new website's PM to provide/export the subscriber list to their site where they can import and send an OPT-IN request to their own newsletter.

Could exporting our list and giving it to a website which we own for such purposes be viewed as breaching privacy laws/ or viewed as Spam? 

I am not really sure with this one. But it is after all our website (in partnership with another) and will provide valuable services to our loyal subscribers.

your opinions please?


Stormy Stormy, 9 years ago

Bearing in mind that I'm no lawyer, personally I think you'd be ok in principal but you may be better off with a slightly different approach.

The best way I can think of to do this is to send to your list from your current site, explaining you're launching a new site with additional services, then give the link and actions to subscribe to the list for the new site. This way you avoid the grey area of sending to the list from the new site.

This approach is also probably more desirable as your subscribers will not have heard about your new site, and suddenly getting an email from it may attract some spam reports. This will also ensure you have a very relevant subscriber list on your new site.

No-one expects the Spanish Inquisition!
mai, 9 years ago

Thanks for your reply.  This is exactly what we will do.  It was just hard breaking it to the new site's manager!  But it makes perfect sense for us to do that and this way as you said the new site will get a more relevant subscriber list.

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