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Hi there,

Absolutely love Campaign Monitor, it's been of huge benefit to our organisation, and is a pleasure to use.

One thing that would be useful would be the ability to compare campaign metrics, e.g. flag which campaigns you'd like to look at overview stats for. This is (for example) so that you could select only your monthly newsletter, and then simply see the major stats for each in one place - sent/opened/unique opened/links clicked/unsubscribes/bounced. You could then very easily compare/gauge the success of your newsletters on an on-going basis - and produce quick metrics.

The only way I can currently do this (unless I'm missing something obvious) is to enter the reporting for each individual newsletter and note the individual stats - and manually do this on an on-going basis for each additional newsletter.

Would this be possible, and would it be of any use to anyone else?

Keep up the good work!



epersonae, 10 years ago

I would love this as well!  I'm sure it would beat the heck out of my klutzy spreadsheets.

Anything that would make it possible to identify campaigns as part of a series would be helpful.

Dave Dave, 10 years ago

Thanks for the request guys. You'll be pleased to know that this one is high on our list and something we definitely plan on adding to the reports. I can certainly see the value in being able to compare a range of reports to see the results over time at a glance.

dwhitmore, 9 years ago

Hey guys,

Just thought I'd post again and see if there was any news regarding this?

This would be an excellent tool for metrics.



Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hey Dan, we've been working hard on this exact report for the last few weeks and plan on pushing it live very soon. We think it's pretty cool and very useful, so keep an eye on the blog for the announcement.

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