email widths

We design all our emails to a standard fixed width, as I'm sure most people do.

I'm considering trying to make some nice looking 100% width emails though, what are people opinions on this? Any common pitfalls or cross client issues? It'll obviously have to be a table layout.

I'll need to use backgrounds on table cells to get graphics to stretch across the width, but outlook 07 really doesn't make that easy!

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

I've seen some emails that work well in percentage widths, but you are right, it is trickier. I suspect though you could spend a lot of time to end up with something that would be just the same as a narrow fixed width design, because most people are not reading their emails in a full window.

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robenslin, 9 years ago


Hi. I think the main concern is being able to control the design element (positioning) using 100%. Depending on what actual content (text) is in your email you might find that big wholes are left on the email if a recipient opens is on a large resolution setting. Restricting the widht give the designer more control over the look and feel and relational positioning.


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