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Hi there,

We've been using MB for the last few months with it re-branded as an internal email marketing tool and we've been getting some pretty solid results.

One thing which would be great purely for statistical purposes would be a way of tracking how many people click on mailto: links in the body of the email.

While we receive a number of phone calls in response to the email (if you guys can figure out how to track this you'll be billionaires! :D) and I get a nice chunk of out-of-office replies immediately after sending a campaign, by far the biggest response we get is by direct use of the mailto: links.

I'm guessing it's not technically possible to track this without being disruptive, but thought I'd stick my hand up anyway as it would certainly be a great feature.

A tip for those in a similar boat: we currently set the mailto: link to complete the subject field with Re: Lorem Ipsum [Campaign Name] so that at least the staff who are using the service - and are busy promoting the campaign and getting people to sign up - have it reinforced at some level that we're getting conversions.

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hey Mitch,

Unfortunately it's just plain impossible to track these kinds of clicks. The subscribers needs to go through a page on our server for us to track their activity, and a mailto link just opens a new email within their email client.

If you want to track this data, I'd consider avoiding the mailto link and instead linking to a contact form on your site (you could even pre-populate the name, email address and subject fields in the form). This way we can track the click and you still receive customer enquiries.

vince, 9 years ago

Very interested in doing the same, but how can we prepopulate the form on our Website to achive this?

Diana Diana, 9 years ago

Hey Vince, you can do it with custom fields, just include those are part of your url to the form and specify in the url that you're targeting the form fields.

For example:[fullname,fallback=],email=[email]

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
vince, 9 years ago

Thanks dpotter
I'll give it a go, but can't see many MB customers being comfortable with this. Can you add functionality to make this easier?

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Hi Vince,

As Dave suggested, it's not possible for us to track directly mailto links, and we really are not able to add functionality on our side that will pre-populate forms on your clients websites, as there is so many different types of forms.

Of course, the best way to track how many people are clicking on the mailto links is to direct those emails to a specific inbox and count them there. You could even encode the email address to be specific to each campaign.

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Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Nice idea Mat, the simplest options are almost always the best.

vince, 9 years ago

Count emails from an inbox!? Sorry, but that would not give the system a professional feel.
Of course if MB included a survey form feature, then that could be used as a callback request form as well?

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Hey Vince - just trying to give you an option. Honestly, the best way to gauge how many people are contacting you be email really is to look at the email you are getting.

We'll take note of your suggestion, but since it has so far not been requested much, and would also be a whole new area of development, it's not something we are currently planning.

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vince, 9 years ago

Hi Mathew,
Please don't get upset for any passionate responses from me, but it's mainly because I really like your platform and business model, hence would like to see it also being one of the best out there for increasingly important features.

A survey/form creation tool would give so much to the creativity of email campaigns, especially customer satisfaction surveys or products research.

I know in the past you have recommended using external/3rd party survey solutions, but again, unless there is a way to import the results back into the campaign reports it all becomes a little disjointed.

Hope you'll understand.

mattdjs, 7 years ago

Would it be possible to create a workaround to this problem where we direct people to a web page that had nothing on it but had some javascript code to open the email?  This would then track the click to the webpage and open the email as required.  Longer route for the customer but would get the desired result.

If anyone who knows javascript could post some code, it would be much appreciated.

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