A few feature requests

I use CM in two capacities: in my role as in-house marketing and also for clients as a freelancer.  CM is fantastic for my freelance work, but there are a few things that would make using CM during my in-house role even better.

Customize sender
I send out e-mails on behalf of sales people -- it would be great if the sender name and e-mail could use my custom fields.  I'd be willing to go through whatever authentication steps were necessary.

Case conversion on import
I would love it if CM offered to convert recipient names to proper case if it detected all caps.

Deal with LI tags when generating plain text
Pretty minor, but it's the details that make CM so good.  Some little asterisks would be great.

Pricing option for frequent, low-volume mailings
We'd like to be able to send small, daily batches of e-mail to certain segments of our lists without always incurring the $5 min fee.  I'd be willing to pay $0.025 per delivery (on certain mailings) if that fee could go away.

Allow segmenting list based on what campaigns were sent
The "Campaign Not Opened", etc... filters are great -- I'd love one that let me specify whether or not the recip was sent a mailing.

Ability to personalize whole blocks based on custom fields
It would be wonderful to be able to say something like

1-800-555-5555[if AgentExtension] ext. [AgentExtension][endif]

Some of these may be pretty specific to the way we try to use CM and won't be of value to anyone else.  Nonetheless, here they are.

BTW, congratulations on your UI design award -- it's well deserved.

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Thanks for the suggestions Alex, we really appreciate you letting us know what would help for your needs, and we'd love to hear others feedback on them.

As for Jakob's UI award - it's actually meant to be Campaign Manager by Eyeblaster! So close, but so far.

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AlexDunae AlexDunae, 9 years ago

One more request.  On http://app.campaignmonitor.com/reports/recipientActivity.aspx I would love to be able to export the activity with some of my custom list fields included (same interface as on http://app.campaignmonitor.com/subscribers/exportSubscribers.aspx would be great).

bc173, 9 years ago

Deal with LI tags when generating plain text
That's a good idea!

Ability to personalize whole blocks based on custom fields
That would be a powerfull feature!

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