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I suspect this has been covered, but multiple searches haven't turned up relevant results.

In using the following snippet:

<img src="<$imagesrc link='false'$>" width="200">

Is there a way to have a 'default' image appear that can be modified by the end user. It works great offering the "replace" button, but if the user doesn't want to replace the image, I'd like to offer a default.


Thanks for you comments.

Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hi JBL, I'm afraid we don't support default images right now, but we're aware of how useful they are and they have been scheduled in to be added to the product soon. We'll announce it on the blog as soon as it's available.

Carissa Carissa, 8 years ago

I'd like to add another vote for default images, thank you!!

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Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Hey Carissa, I've added your vote, thanks for letting us know.

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jdancisin, 8 years ago

Add another vote for this.

jesperfrier jesperfrier, 8 years ago

And another wote from me ... if not already registered ... ;-)

Stig Stig, 8 years ago

Hi guys,

We've added the last couple of votes too now. Thanks for the feedback.


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BraceRosso, 8 years ago

Another vote - Adding default images to a design is going to make life a lot easier for clients, particularly where there are a large number of images that ~could~ need to be replaced, but are usually the same from email to email.

Oskar Oskar, 8 years ago

Aaaand another vote. Would be a very nice feature.

elbradio, 8 years ago

Another VOTE! Allowing default images (ie, action buttons) along with an editable link (for the end-user to tell the button where to go) would be terrific.

Any updates on this?

Thanks! -Brad

benaam, 8 years ago

AND ONE MORE VOTE - will this tip the balance in our favour ;-)

Ability for action buttons along with an editable link (for the end-user to tell the button where to go) would be terrific.

And I think also pretty essential if any email is to have a clear and effective call-to-action!


PeteWilliams, 8 years ago

Was just looking to see if this was possible, looks like it's not yet. Would be great if you guys could add this soon.

paulstone paulstone, 8 years ago

Put me down as another vote for this feature please.


Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Hi all,

We've just today added the ability to include a default image in your templates, and specify that any particular repeater or floating image should use a default.

The syntax is very simple:

<img src="<$imagesrc link='true' default='image.jpg'$>" width="200">

You can specify a default image that will be used in the email unless it is replaced when the campaign is edited. The filename should be the name of a jpg, gif or png image that has been uploaded with the template zip file.

I hope you find that useful.

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BraceRosso, 7 years ago


BraceRosso, 7 years ago

Just curious - how hard would it be to add a field that gave the client control over the alt attribute?  This value is likely to change when an image is updated by the client, but currently, there's no way to update it without using the source button.  Since so many email clients don't display images by default, wouldn't it greatly improve the performance of emails sent by self-service customers?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

Hi BraceRosso, the ability to add alt attributes is definitely worth considering. Plus, it's a timely request, given the recent addition of default images. Many thanks for this suggestion, we'll keep you posted if it's to be included in future updates.

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BraceRosso, 7 years ago

Bump on the alt= attribute.  This should be SO easy to give us, plus, it's directly aligned with all of CM's deliverability and rendering best practices

BraceRosso, 7 years ago

Hmmm, Ros, you and Blake are sending mixed responses on this one... in another thread just a month ago, he says it's NOT something you're working on:

Perhaps this is because default images weren't available yet?

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

@Brace - both Ros and Blake are saying thanks for the suggestions and we'll let you know if we do include it in a future update. Ros certainly isn't saying we're definitely working on it.

Perhaps just a slight misinterpretation, but as Ros and Blake both said, we do appreciate the feedback and we've recorded your vote.

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