Multiple images in a repeater

I've setup a template for a client, with title, body, and an image. They'd like to be able to insert multiple images per topic. Can this be done without handcoding it all, so THEY can add them with the WYSIWYG editor?

Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi JFerguson,

Unfortunately, you're limited to just 1 instance of each tag per repeater, so you'd only be able to have 1 image, sorry.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
Stig Stig, 8 years ago

Hi JFerguson,
Diana is right about each repeater only allowing one image. But it might be worth posting a screenshot of your template to see if anyone can think of a workaround.


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aarontj, 8 years ago

Not sure if this should need a new post, but is it possible to have an up datable  image that can be repositioned by the client through the wysiwyg editor?

Froggeh, 8 years ago

Having bumped into the problems of:

• No multiple images in a repeater
• No nested repeaters

We've got three big problems.

1) what's the point of having mailbuild if you can't build a mail in it?
2) no image handling in the wysiwyg editor
3) no support for changing classes within a repeater.

circulo, 8 years ago

+1 vote for extra image in a repeater!

abmw, 8 years ago


geeves, 8 years ago

I havent tried it but I am guessing its possible to nest repeaters. Just make an image repeater within another repeater and they can add as many images as they like.

Here's a simple 2 column example I threw together quickly

                <img src="<$imagesrc link='true'$>" width="200">
                <$title link='true' default='Enter Title Here'$>
            <$description default='<p>Enter body content here</p>'$>

You can repeat the table row as well as images in left left column of the table row.

Hope this helps.

Ara Garabedian
Multimedia Designer/Developer
herr_feik, 8 years ago

Sorry, but this peace of code didn't work:

Nested repeater tags    

Your template contains a repeater tag within an open repeater, or nested repeaters. Repeaters cannot be nested and must be separate of other repeaters in your template.

Jelle D, 8 years ago

+1 vote for extra image in a repeater :)

astrotim, 7 years ago

+ 1 vote for multiple title and/or description and/or image tags in a repeater.

I keep running into design limitations where clients are asking for a layout that can only be achieved by creating a repeating region with a <description> tag and instructing them to paste HTML to allow for multiple images, etc within the repeating region.

This is a step backwards from the bullet-proof template design concept of CM.

Itmundi, 7 years ago

+ 1 vote

geeves, 7 years ago

Just to clarify, the code I entered 10 months ago is what I would LIKE CM repeaters to look like, not how they currently function... +1 more vote from me, 10 months down the track from my last post... hehe

Ara Garabedian
Multimedia Designer/Developer
jerallyn jerallyn, 7 years ago
Diana :

Unfortunately, you're limited to just 1 instance of each tag per repeater, so you'd only be able to have 1 image, sorry.

Why is this?

+1 Vote for multiple images and descriptions in a repeater.

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Thanks for the votes.

As for 'why is that', it is because we always try to keep things as simple as possible, and then adjust over time if the need is clear and something can be added in a way that is  clear and useful to the majority of our customers.

So feedback like this is important, and we collect it along with our own ideas and all the other priorities to decide on future changes.

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jerallyn jerallyn, 7 years ago

Simplicity is great, but I would also argue that flexibility is equally if not more important in a template.

esign, 7 years ago

Nested repeaters indeed have a caveat for creating a confusing interface, which it's of course more a design problem.

Either way, I think many problems would be solved just by enabling multiple images. This could easily be implemented in the templates via a attribute (multiple=true|false), and for the interface it might look like:

+1 vote for multiple images

larveale, 7 years ago

I'd also like to have two images in a repeater.

I want to have a number of products in my email newsletter. There will be a product shot and a large buy now button, both of which I want to link to the specific product on the website. The product shot will be variable but the call to action will be the same, except for what it links to. Can this be done currently?

swishpixel, 6 years ago

I have always wanted to have a call-to-action button within my repeaters as well as a photo/image and although CM doesn't support this using the template system, you can always do the following:

1) Upload your second button/image to a server somewhere
2) When you edit your repeater item in CM, click Source<> in the top right of the textarea
3) Paste in the HTML code needed to display your second button/image, for example:

<a href=""><img src="" style="border:0" /></a>

I have tried this approach and it was successful, so I'm happy, and all I need to do is copy and paste the above code in various times, only changing instances of the button and the URL to link to.


Dave Dave, 6 years ago
jerallyn :

Simplicity is great, but I would also argue that flexibility is equally if not more important in a template.

We can''t argue with that @jerallyn. I just wanted to chime in and let you all know that we're working on an update to the template language and editor to give you guys a lot more flexibility in your template designs, including have any number of titles, images and descriptions in your repeaters. It's still a couple months off, but I wanted to let you all know that it's on the way. Thanks again for all the passionate feedback.

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