"Read More" Link

Hi-  I'm new to CM, and am putting the finishing touches on my first template.

I'd like to add a "read more" type of link at the end of each story, with the link's href value matching the same URL as the story's title link.  Is there a way I can tag this link within the repeater region, such that the "read more" link is automatically created properly for each story?



Dave Dave, 8 years ago

Hey Ed, that's a good question. Right now it's something you'll need to do manually yourself, we don't offer a tag to automatically populate a Read More link right now.

desmondo, 8 years ago

Yeah, I would love to see this too. Is there a way I could style my "read more" links in the meantime?

Ed H, 8 years ago

Hey Desmondo-

For my newsletter, I simply added my "read more" link manually in the text area, and styled it using my newsletter's CSS.

Is this what you're asking, or did I miss the question?

Stig Stig, 8 years ago

Hi desmondo!
To clarify what Ed is saying, you can edit the HTML of your newsletter using the "Source" button in the toolbar. That way, you can inline style the link manually, or use a CSS rule from your template.


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Jan-Willem, 8 years ago

I have a suggestion for this. Maybe you can implement it in the following way.

1. You offer the possibility to add a link tot the title. Thats great.
2. What if the you could use the link of that title for a read more.
3. Implement a tag like this < more áttributes="added">read more text </ more >
4. The more tag should be replaced by a A tag.
5. All the attributes that are added to the more tag should be copied. That necessary to include style tags and stuff like that.

I hope this would be a option. Please keep us posted.

beccamayfieldq, 8 years ago

so, if i understand correctly, "read more" functionally isn't built  in... then what's the easiest way to include a "read more" link directly after a description, have it styled differently from the rest of the description, and allow someone entering text into the template (who isn't familiar with html) to enter the link address?

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