Adding a subscribe form to Myspace

Hello there,

Just recently signed one of my artists up to Campaign Monitor. We had high hopes but it seems we can't add a subscribe form to our page with the largest community attached to it - Myspace.

Myspace converts all links in to redirects to stop spammers. So when I past the code in to the Myspace code, the "post" address converts in to So when the user clicks on submit, the data seems to be getting lost and the campaign monitor page that comes up tells me the email address submitted isn't valid.

I've written to support about this but I think I got palmed off. Obviously Campaign Monitior support can't go changing Myspace's set up but there are ways around this kind of thing, i think. I've seen plent of forms on myspace pages that seem to work no problems. A flash form for example might help, for example. Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone had found a solution to this problem.



Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Just to update this, we've discussed further with Joel the issue, and it does seem to be a constraint of the way MySpace changes code. We do have a Flash API subscribe form sample at which could potentially be used.

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upstart, 7 years ago

Hi there,

Has anyone found a solution to this issue without going the flash route?


TraceElement, 7 years ago

This is a real issue. Has anyone got a solution? I do websites for bands and they need newsletter signup forms on their myspace pages, especially when their actual website is being built. There's gotta be a way, no?

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