Resend confirmation emails

We have our list setup for double opt-in. However, we notice that after a week or two some people still haven't clicked the confirmation link. Is there any way to have those resent again just to be sure people didn't forget about it or lose it?

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

It's pretty normal with confirmed opt-in to not have people confirm the subscription. If the same address is subscribed via a public form again, the verification email will be resent.

it isn't possible however to trigger this from inside the application though.

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sccr410, 8 years ago

Might be something to consider adding :)

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Thanks for the feedback. I will add your vote for a once-off resend of the confirmation email. The idea of course with confirmed opt-in is that the subscriber has to take the action themself, and if they choose not to do that, they have not actually opted in.

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jkozuch jkozuch, 8 years ago

Adding my vote on this as well. I'm also wondering if it's possible to delete the "subscriber" if their email bounces for a specific reason (bad hostname, can't find the user, et cetera), that the request to be added is deleted from the list of unconfirmed subscribers. I currently have a few dozen unconfirmed with no management options available to me.

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SugarloafInteractive, 8 years ago

I vote!  We now have 4 subscribers that have not confirmed as they say they deleted the confirm email in error.  With no way to re-generate the confirmation email, or to delete the unconfirmed subscriber, there seems to be no options open to us.  They wish to opt-in but have no ability to do so.


Joomailer Joomailer, 8 years ago

"If the same address is subscribed via a public form again, the verification email will be resent."


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teamwolf teamwolf, 8 years ago

Currently I have about 65 unconfirmed users on my subscriber list. Some users are saying that they have tried signing up multiple times but still haven't received a confirmation email... Is there anything I can do for these users? I offered a free mp3 download for them to sign up, the link was sent in the second confirmation email as I'm using double opt-in... if these users receive no mp3, there is no reason for them to sign up, and they will then be highly unsatisfied with the service I am meant to provide.

junglemason, 8 years ago

I understand the purpose of not allowing the list admin to re-send confirmation emails.  If someone maliciously adds someone else's address to the list, or if someone simply changes their mind, or didn't understand what they were agreeing to, then they should not be bombarded with reminders from the list admin.

However, for developers, this makes things very difficult.  I am testing an API integration with all sorts of email addresses created specifically for testing.  There was a recent bug in the API where confirmation emails were not being sent.  For those email addresses, I now can't delete those addresses from lists, I can't re-send a confirmation to those addresses, and now I can't re-use those addresses for testing my API integration. When I try re-submitting those addresses through the API to try and re-trigger the confirmation email, the API throws an error that the user is already on the list as unconfirmed and can't be added.  I've tried adding and deleting the addresses using the CM admin tools, and no luck there either, they won't override that unconfirmed status.

So I am now totally stuck with these addresses being unconfirmed forever, as far as I can tell.

Please help?

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

@junglemason If you contact us via support we can manually remove the specified addresses for you, no trouble.

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junglemason, 8 years ago

Thanks Mathew, will do.

robertfmorrow robertfmorrow, 7 years ago

I need to add my vote for a one time resend. My unconfirmed subscribers is getting lengthy for one client and a "mulligan" would be AWESOME!

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tomhermans, 7 years ago

This would be a handy feature, not to 'force' people to sign in, but some clients complain they haven't gotten the confirmation mail, or lost 'em or something..

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

Hi tomhermans, welcome to the forums! Happy to add your vote for this one. We'll keep you updated if its something we plan to introduce in the future.

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ebbhitch, 6 years ago

I'm wondering about the same functionality (and still working through the forum entries that appeared in my search results - so apologies if there is a newer posting). 
Has there been any further consideration of adding this feature?   I add my vote, if one even still exists.

Not in a way that would allow clients to bombard a subscriber with nagging reminders, but something like:

  If n # number of days passes after sign up request without confirmation,
        the system would send one more reminder email
        (either same as first, or with secondary text message & subject definable like the other emails are now)
              and if no response occurs n days after that, the subscriber is:
                   * hidden from counts?  * removed? * Just left alone, as is done now?

Thank you,

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi Elizabeth, we're still gauging interest in resending confirmation emails here, so thank you for chiming in! Thanks for the additional details in regards to handling - we'll definitely keep these options in mind, should we look at revising our process. I'll let you know if there are any updates on this.

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englishcanuck, 5 years ago

I'll add a vote for a way to re-send the confirmation email. Time based or the ability to let a user enter their address and then choose to have it resent in our signup form would be great.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi englishcanuck, no troubles at all - I've given this a bump for you. Gosh, who could not like an English Canuck? Sounds like the most dapper combination ever :)

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