How do I get ALL Subscriber data? (name, email, phone)


I'm wondering which api method do we use to pull all of the subscriber data from a list.

Here's the process we're looking to do:

1. First pull the available lists of client
2. Pull data (name, email, phone) of from list



jamesd jamesd, 8 years ago

Hi Chris,

1. Client.GetLists
2. Subscribers.GetActive

That should allow you to achieve what you're trying to do.

ciclista, 8 years ago

Is a PHP Code available for it?
The Package at google Code doesn't contain any Code for it.

jamesd jamesd, 8 years ago

I think you will find that the PHP wrapper available at *does* contain wrappers for those API methods:

ciclista, 8 years ago

Thanks James!



i am getting the Subscribers.

Sorry the next Question, but how can i echo them within a foreach() Loop?


Joomailer Joomailer, 8 years ago

This is how you could do it:

        $cm   = new CampaignMonitor( $api_key  );
        $list_id = 1234;
        $subs = $cm->subscribersGetActive(0, $list_id);

        // make sure the array looks the same with one entry and with several entries
        if ( !$subs['anyType']['Subscriber'][0] ) {
            $data = $subs['anyType']['Subscriber'];
            $subs['anyType']['Subscriber'] = '';
            $subs['anyType']['Subscriber'][0] = $data;

        foreach ( $subs['anyType']['Subscriber'] as $sub ) {
            echo 'Email: '.$sub['EmailAddress'];
            echo ', Name: '.$sub['Name'];
            echo ', Subscription date: '.$sub['Date'];
            echo ', State: '.$sub['State'];
            echo'<br />';


----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Campaign Monitor Integration for Joomla!
ciclista, 8 years ago

Pretty Cool, thanks!

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