Notification when someone subscribes

Hello everyone!

I search through the forums but I didn't find anything on this so if something like it exists forgive me.
I would truly like the option to receive an email (to an address I specify) when someone subscribes on a list. I am using the subscription form CM provides and I don't want to create a custom form (using ASP to send the notification to the client and the API to add the visitor to the list) that subscribes users to CM.

I have a client that wants the new subscriptions on his email and does not want access to the CM client interface.

Is there a chance to add such a feature (Mailchimp has that :( )?

Thank you,

Stig Stig, 9 years ago

Hi Dimitris,
this is already being discussed in this thread.

Like you already mentioned, the best way to go about this is with the API. Is there a specific reason you're trying to avoid this?

You can also use the list RSS feed to keep an eye on the subscription activity.


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liquidmagic, 9 years ago

I am using the subscription form that the service provides. It's the fastest way to do it without using the API. The subscription form data are submitted on the service directly (including custom fields) and I have the opt-in emails as well. It seems easier.

I just think it's a nice feature. Anyways.

Thank you for the prompt reply.

plopes5000, 6 years ago

I love campaign monitor for it's simplicity, great design and attention to detail. With that said, it's hard to believe that this feature does not already exist as part of CM. I totally suck at programming so could never attempt to tackle the API on my own (I get sweaty palms at just the mention the word API). And when I tell my clients I can't send them a notification email via CM they start asking about mailchimp or another system. ACK!!! RSS does not help either. Most of my clients have no clue what RSS is let alone how to take advantage of it. By the time I show them how to use it they're thinking I'm a nut and wondering why can't I just send them an email notification. With my current account I've set up the RSS feed myself and then email my client personally when someone signs up. Now you have that's a lot of love for CM to go that far!

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