Control panel design per client

Hi - I was wondering if it was possible to brand the control panel on a per-client basis - so e.g. Client 1 logs in and sees a red banner with one logo, Client 2 logs in and sees a blue banner with a different logo. I'm essentially looking to provide the campaign monitor package as part of each website I make, and so would also love to be able to route each client to their section through their domain.

I realise I can do this by setting up separate CM accounts with just one client for each - just doesn't seem quite as neat!


ps - really love campaign monitor - it's been working really well for myself and my clients.

Carissa Carissa, 7 years ago

There's actually not a way to do that with Campaign Monitor. The idea with Campaign Monitor is that it is your own service, with your branding, that you can give your clients access too. So all your clients see the same brand. Check out for some examples of what can be done.

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