Are Out of Office Auto Replies treated as bounces?

A client of ours which has a fairly large subscriber list (over 13,000) is experiencing something weird happening with their campaigns. I sent a support ticket, but was curious if anyone else has experienced this issue as well.

When sending out a newsletter out of office auto replies appear to be sending to the from address of the campaign and not to the reply-to address. Is this what happens with everyone else? Do Campaign Monitor treat auto replies as some kind of bounce because they're almost instantly sent back?

I thought an auto reply was nothing more than some kind of rule that mimicked the reply functionality of the email client, but it appears to not be working like that. Any thoughts?

Diana Diana, 7 years ago

Out of office replies kind of have a mind of their own, unfortunately. Some of them reply back to the reply-to address (like you'd hope for), others to the from address, and others still to the return-path which comes to us and may be processed as a temporary soft bounce (depending on the message given). It's all up to the recipient's settings (either in the email client or on the server) and outside of your control.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
DigitalSea, 7 years ago

Thanks Diana. For some reason the client is hell-bent on having their sales email as the from address and another address as the reply address. The only way it is going to work for them is if they have the reply address the same as the from address or perhaps set some kind of server-side rule to redirect email to the sales email to the other email address.

Your explanation was very helpful. I've forwarded it onto the client and that should hopefully be enough for them!

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