addresses suppressed

i am new to Campaign monitor and am just trying a few test emails etc. So far very impressed with the usability of the system.
whilst "playing" i imported some email addresses (belonging to me) for test purposes. i then deleted them (just trying everything out). the trouble is i cannot now seem to put those addresses back in again as i am told they are suppressed. i have tried deleting the orginal list and creating a new one but cant find any help on this.
hope you can help.

Dave Dave, 10 years ago

Hi, when you unsubscribed these addresses from your list, they would have been added to your client-wide suppression list, which prevents them from being accidentally added again. To ensure this doesn't happen with your test addresses, head into your suppression list for that client and remove the addresses you've used for testing.

You can read more about how our suppression lists work here.

beatyourpb, 10 years ago

thats great i didnt find that!
and could you speed up your replies a little please that took all of 3 minutes !!!!

tenfour tenfour, 7 years ago

What's the difference between Unsubscribed and Suppressed in the "suppression list"?
Under the "reason" heading there are Bounced (self-explanatory), unsubscribed & suppressed.

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