Integration with 37Signal's Highrise CRM

Hi there,

Was wondering if anyone had any experience integrating Highrise with Mailbuild.

Emailed the CM team at about 5pm AEST on a Saturday and was very pleasantly surprised to have received a response from them within the hour. I'd told someone that they're normally very good at getting back and I'd expect a reply by Monday - so a big thanks to Mathew for putting in the hard yards on the weekend, you certainly go above and beyond here!

Unfortunately though, he wasn't aware of any implementation between the two products.

I've started a thread over at the Highrise forums here, but I thought it'd be worth casting my net a bit wider by asking here too.

We'd like to use HR as a CRM and have MB pull contacts from HR for email marketing campaigns. So, has anyone here heard of an implementation that has achieved this?

As I said to the CM team, it'd take - for us at least - MB from being a great solution to a perfect solution.

diorist, 9 years ago

FWIW, we use Highrise as well...a little nudge for CM's feature wish-list ;-)

We just export our list from Highrise as a CSV, then import it directly into CM. The transfer could be as simple as that two-step process.

On the other hand, we've found the intermediate step of exporting has its benefits, too. While we have the CSV file, we can pretty easily check it for bad data and other junk. Ultimately, that helps us improve the Highrise DB, too.

billa, 9 years ago

Hey Mitch,
Highrise has a Rest based API so it could be a pretty straight forward integration. How could you see it working from a usability perspective? Would you use a 3rd party tool that brings the two of them together?

Would you see it being a tool that you just use as a funnel from Highrise into MB? Or would you like to sync the two back and forth?

Thinking of a user scenario.
1. login to 3rd party tool (has your config for both MB/CM and Highrise)
2. select from highrise users, or possibly groups and sync/export
3. login to MB/CM and continue on your way

Is that something along the lines that you were thinking?

What sort of market do you think is out there for this sort of thing?

oscar7g, 8 years ago

Just registered here for the forums to see if a Highrise integration was on the cards since MailChimp has just released their "pull-only" integration.

plus2, 8 years ago

just adding my voice to the choir - well quartet really - on this one.

would love this feature - would make life a lot easier.

spiegeldg spiegeldg, 7 years ago

We're thinking about making public our synchronization tool that automatically (every 15 minutes) pushes all of your Highrise email addresses into your CampaignMonitor account. We're pretty close to having this fully operational for mass use, but I wanted to shout out to the CM community first and see if anyone had any specific requirements, ideas, features, etc. We'd of course like to know if anyone was interested in this service as well (besides us). Send us your feedback or interest: -- Thanks!

Spiegel Design Group, Inc. -- --
sgiam, 7 years ago


Would be very interested in the tool.  Curious if you would make code available and if so what it is coded in.

For our purposes, would likely not want to sync all our Highrise contacts and would likely want to control that by tag.

jaimephilp, 7 years ago


I am very interested also and agree with @sgiam that we would like to be able to choose the contacts by tags or individually instead of automatically pushing them.

when and how!!

prefontaine, 7 years ago

@spiegeldg I'd be very interested — and agree with prior comments. Would want to control who gets pushed to CM. So essentially contact/list management happens in Highrise rather than in CM, which then becomes the tool for dissemination and tracking. Next set of features might move some of that tracking info into Highrise so we could see who our most responsive contacts are.

prefontaine, 7 years ago

OK I thought this through a bit more:

My need is for synchronization — not just one-way integration.

I want to manage my mailing lists in my CRM. Having lists in two tools is confusing. And having to push a big list to CM each time is a pain (also CM may put a hold on my campaign because I'll look like a spammer). Also this one-way push is not helpful as I need to go back into Highrise and adjust the list based on my CM results (e.g., remove users who ask to be unsubscribed or mark our email as spam).

I would like to be able to choose which Highrise and CM lists get synched (based on Highrise tag).

I'd like folks who sign up for our newsletter via the web (which goes into a CM list) to appear in Highrise.

Added bonus would be to be able to suck CM campaign results info into Highrise — adding a note, for example, for those folks who clicked through or forwarded our campaign.

prefontaine, 7 years ago

See discussion on Mail Chimp forum:

Put I'd prefer to stay with Campaign Monitor...

Corneliu Corneliu, 7 years ago

We ( are working on an integration tool that will sync HighRise HQ with CM for you automatically.
Please let me know if you are interested in helping us beta test it by email to

We should have a beta version of it by the end of the week.


OneSaas - Integrate Campaign Monitor with HighRise HQ,  BaseCamp HQ, Business Catalyst, Saasu, Google Contacts, FreshBooks and more.
roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi folks, I'm glad to say that integration with Highrise is now possible, thanks to OneSaas.

OneSaas is a web service that allows multiple web apps/APIs to communicate together. What's best is that it can push your contacts from Highrise, Basecamp, Freshbooks and more to a Campaign Monitor subscriber list. We've got a in-depth walkthrough in our blog.

Thanks to OneSaas for bringing this to life - there's even a free account to help you get started. We'd love to hear your feedback, however feel free to contact the developers directly.

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